R-22 Buyback

We want your R-22 and we know you’re busy, which is why we made our buyback program convenient & profitable. Here’s how it works:


  1. We come to you
  2. We swap cylinders
  3. We send a check


PURECHEM Benefits:

– Competitive buyback rates – Quick payment or credit
– We buy mixed R-22 – Detailed purity reports – EPA documentation


How much is yours worth? Request a quote.


PURECHEM offers R-22 buyback anywhere in the nation through two programs – national (large cylinder pickup) and local (small and large cylinder pickup).


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Local Cylinder Exchange (Cylinders of Any Size)

We offer small and large cylinder exchange in many markets. Are we in yours? Click on your region to learn how you can benefit from competitive buyback rates and local convenience.

We currently serve: Arizona (Phoenix/Tucson); California (Northern, Southern); Florida (Central, Southeast, North); Georgia (Atlanta & Surrounding); Indiana (Indianapolis); Kentucky (Louisville); North Carolina (Greensboro); Ohio (Cincinnati); New Jersey (Trenton/Philadelphia); Texas (San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston).

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National Cylinder Exchange (Large Cylinders)

Our large cylinder exchange program offers higher buyback rates and is available throughout the United States. By consolidating recovered gas into 240-lb. or half-ton recovery cylinders, you can get more money per pound.